21. March 2014

The fact that my first design with Lillestoff will be available for sale tomorrow is so cool to me.  I have loved their fabric for a long time and the fact that we are now licensing partners is so much fun.  My premier design is called "Los Geht's" (translation: "Let's Go!") and as you can see from my adorable models, its not just for boys :)

Click here to grab some of this fabric for your own projects, and stay tuned, I have more fabric designs with Lillestoff that will be debuting in the not-too-distant future!

18. March 2014

How busy things have been lately!  After lots of drawing, deadlines, and preparing new projects its especially fun to see things of mine that are now hitting the market :)  Fabricworm is now shipping my newest collection with Birch Fabrics, "Frolic" - not just in woven but also select fabrics are being printed on knit!  Woo hoo!
This lively collections is based around my original Frolic print (4th from the top and again 2nd from the bottom) and comes in 2 colorways - warm colors and cool colors.  The first few creations are starting to pop up around the web with these fabrics and I couldn't be happier!  Thank you, Birch Fabrics for being so fabulous!

21. February 2014

Now that Valentine's day is officially a week behind us, I keep wanting to doodle love-y things.  Is it because spring is in the air, because my deadlines are mostly behind me, or simply because I have a heart filled with love?  Who's to say and really, who cares?  The point is - new illustrations for you and someone you care about :)

 I think this is definately going to get printed in the next round of greeting cards I get done...

17. February 2014

It feels so nice to have a minute just to draw something for fun :)  So here is an illustration-slash-reminder that after a weekend of celebrating love, be sure to take a minute and celebrate youself too!  xoxo

3. February 2014

I am so excited to announce that I have a new licensing partenership with Huups!   Huups! is a fabulous German company who sells collections embroidery files so that the everyday sewist can spiff up their creations to meet their vision.  For example, take a look at some of these creations that have come out of my "East meets West" collection.  All totally different, all totally fabulous.
 by Daxi
by Julia
by Flaupa

More creations can be seen on the Huups! site here!  And don't worry, this isn't the last embroidery collection you will be seeing from me ;)

28. January 2013

Today my post is a bit different than usual.  Rather than showing you a finished sketch, we are going behind the scenes to where the ideas begin.  The Inspiration Room.  I love retro artwork because everything about it is so confident.  The colors are bold, the illustrative styles are so full of personality, and its totally cool to be eating off pink floral plates on a plaid tablecloth with an ornate paisley wallpaper as a backdrop on the kitchen walls.  You just don't see that anymore and its a pity.  Let it be said that "More is More."
When looking for a little vintage vibe to delight the sences, my go-to spot is Yay Retro! - and not only because the name is fun to say :)  They have the cutest kitchen, home, and kitsch items and are nice enough to let us buy them so that we can also have homes that live boldly.

See more great retro finds (including lots from Yay Retro!) on my Pinterest board.

23. January 2014

Even though its not so early in the morning, I've been getting up at 4 a.m. now on a too regular basis (because of little babies who shall not be named) so that means I am too tired to come up with something nice to write here.  I will just leave you with my latest illustration and then go make another cup of coffee...

9. January 2014

Its a rainy afternoon and we are all underslept and cranky over here (just being honest!).  I did this illustration last week in Berlin and I worked on it today to help me remember that rainy days can be beautiful and fun - not just "blah".

In other totally unrelated rews, yesterday I visited Heimtextil and had such a great time!  The best part was meeting some fabulous other textile designers.  Its so funny how when you meet someone who has the same interests, inspirations, juggling act of home and work, and love of drawing you can find yourself chatting away like best friends within the first 2 minutes :)  I was so inspired from my trip and saw an unbelievable amount of beautiful things!

4. January 2014

I can't take credit for this adorable baby, she belongs to a dear friend of mine.  But seeing this photo of extreme cuteness on my Frolic Blanket, and having my own baby's first birthday being just around the corner made me stop and think about how having a baby is the best thing that could have happend to my business.
Here is why:
1. When you know your hours of working are limited to baby's nap time, do you piddle around on Facebook or develop drawings that you don't really love into prints?  No ma'am!  Working time becomes a thing of focus and the goal is to buckle down and power out nothing but quality work.

2. Of course there are times when you find yourself sitting at the computer with one hand holding baby so there is only one hand free.  Which makes working hard.  Therefore I've spent lots of time this past year on Pinterest which is really not time wasted.  Gathering together images of illustrations that inspire me has really helped me make clear in my own head what my style is.  I thought I knew what it was but then I realized the disconnect between what I would pin and what I would draw.  So how do I now define what work of mine is Quality (see pt.1)?  I ask myself "Would I Pin this?"  and if I do Pin it on a board with its "peers", how does it stand up?

I am super excited for what 2014 holds.  I have some exciting plans to optimize my time so that even with a soon to be toddler running around (aah!) I can take my business forward in a big way even if my actual hours of productivity are limited.  Its a lot to ask for but I am confident it can happen!  So yay for new babies, new years and new plans :)

29. December 2013

Its nice to be in Berlin again, especially after the hulabaloo of the holidays.  I did a lot more posting about "Buy my stuff!" than I would have liked but hey - Legos are expensive and were sure in demand.  Thanks for putting up with me!
But now we are here and there is a lot less internet time and work time and a lot more time spent just being in the moment. Which of course is always relaxing and inspiring.  Funny how the less you "try" to be inspired, the more it just happens...
So here's to a January full of really watching what's happening around me, and drawing, drawing, drawing!
By the way, if you also happen to be in Berlin, be sure to check out what the clowns of my family are up to at Sauerkraut Variete!

28. November 2013

Getting ready for some post-Thanksgiving shopping madness! How does half off sound to you? Shop me at DENY Designs and snatch a bargain - for you or for under the tree :)

22. November 2013

What an honor and delight to have my "Frolic" pillow from DENY Designs featured in the current issue of Pregancy and Newborn Magazine :)

12. November 2013

My K├╝chenzauber collection with Westfalenstoffe Living has launched in 3 gorgeous colorways!  I just love the cute things they sewed with the fabrics for the photo shoot :) 
These photos left me feeling very inspired to do some sewing of my own with these fabrics so I gave the dining room a little facelift today. First came some fabric baskets on the shelves and then I took the leaf blower out of the corner (I know, what was it doing there in the first place?) and replaced it with a comfy sitting chair complete with a Fruit Salad pillowcase - all in the Navy/ Khaki/ Lemon colorway.  Pictures will come... once my new battery charger gets delivered....

11. November 2013

With daylight savings kicking in, and the sky being dark at like 4 (are you serious?) I was so happy to find this bright and sunny photo of Suzy from Floating World Views where she is sporting a top she made out of some of my fabric that has been licensed to the Australian Market. 
How fun is that neon snail?

Since Australia is far from Germany (and also much warmer might I add) this is the first time I have seen this fabric collection -which is exclusively available there- in action.  If you're in Australia, I've heard select fabrics are available at Spotlight and if you happen to design anything with my prints, I would love for you to share!

28. October 2013

After visiting the Evolution Show in Holland over the weekend, where I attended a lovely trend lecture given by Milou Ket has got me waking up full of inspiration and excited to try out new color palettes.  So here you go, to brighten up your Monday morning :)

10. October 2013

I love screen printed designs.  They look clean, professional, timeless and just plain gorgeous!  For years I watched DIY videos on how to make some kind of makeshift screens, but nothing came of it.  Finally this summer I met a bunch of awesome screenprinters in Berlin who totally motivated me to take the plunge.  So for my birthday (the big 30!) a couple weeks ago, my fabulous husband got me a screen printing starter set...
Here is the heart of it, but a lot more doo dads and potions were also included.  After 2 failed attempts of cutting the screen (this really is a precision skill and that's not really my specialty.  I really had to turn my patience and concentration up to full volume or else this was all going to end in frustration) I finally cut one that was a success!
Now that I know how the whole thing works, its true what everyone says - screen printing is easy.  The printing part is for sure easy, but when you are cutting the screen be sure to follow the instructions 100%, and if you aren't doing it in a room with a yellow lightbulb you are wasting your time.  But anyways, do you want to see the results?  Some snuggly little softies...
and cork hot plates with my mermaid illustration...
and my intellectual fox quoting Thoreau...
I am so pleased with the result and for your shopping pleasure, have listed them already in my shop :)

9. October 2013

Big congrats to the winner of my 2014 Calendar...

3. October 2013

Woo hoo!  The 2014 Calendar under my stationery label, Rae Schmae, is ready to ship!  And I'm so excited, I'm giving away a copy for FREE - and will ship to anywhere in the world :)  To enter, either Pin it or Share it and be sure to let me know you did.  I will pick the winner at the end of the week!

30. September 2013

Hello, Fall!  You are looking lovlier than ever :)  A sunny picnic for the baby on a crisp autumn day in her new fall jacket?  Don't mind if I do.
I love sewing with my line of fabrics from Robert Kaufman's Cool Cords collection.  They are so soft and snuggly and the colors just pop! Between her jacket and the picnic blanket Luna is looking here like Miss Cool Cords herself.

16. September 2013

Despite moments of doubt, I can finally say that my 2014 Calendar under my stationery label Rae Schmae is finished!  I thought I was finished yesterday, so I had Diemo (my 6 year old) give it a once over.  He approved of every month except January.  Actually, January literally brought him to tears since it was a picture of a girl and January is his birthday month.  So we discussed doing a boy.  I drew it out and he approved but I wasn't loving it.  So therein was born our compromise which is now one of my fave months - the winter racoon :)

Preorder your copy here and save!  The price WILL be going up by 15% in 2 weeks once delivery starts :)  

13. September 2013

We are getting ready to move into a house that, dare I say, is a dream house!  Especially since we have definately outgrown the apartment we are in now.  And obviously, the most fun part of the move is trolling Pinterest for decor ideas and cute organization projects and then executing them.  I'm just so motivated and can't be stopped!  I still haven't figured out how I am going to incorporate ironing fabric onto the walls yet, but I know its going to happen.  Until then, here is some wall art I recently created...still not sure which room it will go it but I love how the girls came out :)

3. September 2013

I have to say, it is strangely validating when your 6 year old decides that what you do for work is cool enough that they want to do it too.  So today I am sharing my dinosaur fabric print as well as Diemo's :)  
His is entitled "Super Dinosaur Picture"
I love it!

2. September 2013

Do you ever wake up on a Sunday morning and think, "Despite the million things I have to do, I'm going to spend all day sewing plushies."  I don't either, but somehow it happened anyways.  And I totally blame it on this super cute and wicked easy tutorial from Christina McKinney on the Birch Fabrics Blog.  I decided to make my elephant school-themed for my son who starts first grade on Thursday, using fabrics from my Robotic collection.
I also made a bunny plushie from a pattern of my own design, which will have to be shown another day since my son decided to give it a bath and it still soaking wet!  I am really on a plushie kick, but I still think the next tutorial is going to have to be this one - cute organization!

28. August 2013

I was at the store over the weekend and saw some cute corduroy baby pants. I almost took them to the register when I remembered two things: 1. I have lots of beautiful corduory fabric at home from my Cool Cords collections and 2. I know how to sew! 
So home I went, and I got to work stitching away - and I am super happy with the result that I got from simply using another pair of her pants as a pattern.  I love that fall is around the corner and that now is the time for soft and sweet corduroy. Plus, little Luna seems to like them too, and that is the most important!

24. August 2013

Finally back home in my studio where my sketches turn into realities!  Its going to be a fun day of scanning in my drawings during my Berlin trip and seeing what they turn into.  Here is the first one...

It was a great trip where I was super inspired by artists of every kind, new printing techniques I can't wait to dive into, and getting a great response to Rae Schmae from local boutiques.  My head is spinning, my sketchbook has pages falling out and stuffed back in, and my to-do list is long.  Its a great feeling! 

8. August 2013

Let's be real for a minute.  When I signed up for this working-from-home-mom business I pictured it pretty different from reality.  In my vision, I am peacefully designing during naptime, earning the big bucks from working minimal hours, and my house is always clean because I am also simultaneously, the ideal housewife.  Well all I can say to that is - HA!  
 This card translates to "Everyone can do easy." and though the road of being a work at home mom has lots of great moments, easy it is not.  Because while I can say that my stationery line, Rae Schmae, is now available at several boutiques in Berlin (yay!) don't be fooled into thinking that I, in a very cosmopolitan outfit, made appointments with boutiques that I penciled into my dayplanner to which I showed up with a professional display and press packet and we all sipped espressos while talking business.  No.  This is more like it: Its 95 degrees and humid - my hair is up in a messy bun and frizzing out.  I am pushing / lugging up and down stairs a baby stroller with an under-napped 6 month old, and have a bored 6 year old bumbling behind me.  I pop into a stores that I happen to wander past (and some I have Googled ahead of time) and ask in my less-than-perfect German if I can share the box of samples I have in the bottom of my stroller behind the diaper bag. 

So keep on Moms because, you know what?  It worked.  I had nothing but positive responses.  So don't wait until you can approach your next business goal "not like a mom" because this is what we are.  And really, most of the people you are working with out there are too :)

5. August 2013

I love being in Berlin :)  We are here for the first 3 weeks of August so that the menfolk in the family can do lots of this at Berlin Lacht! :

Its so inspiring being in such a creative city where everything is at your fingertips.  I've been doing some fun drawing, but don't have access to a scanner yet, so whenever that happens I will be sure to share.  

So fitting that while we are in Berlin, Keka Case has selected 2 of my prints for the face of their East Meets West story.  Although I think a different East and West are implied here :)

27. July 2013

Oooh....who are the people in your neighborhood?
"They're the people that you meet, when you're walking down the street.  They're the people that you meet each day!"  I have been singing this in my head all morning working on this print.  Actually, I sing that song a lot to myself since living in a small town, you really do see the same people every day.  The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker...you know how it goes.
So here is a print in celebration to all of them!

26. July 2013

Inspiration, Motivation, all the "tion"s come in waves. Yesterday I saved my morning coffee for the afternoon and got a late day motivational boost that had great results, for example. This morning I am motivated to clean up the house, which I have to take advantage of while it lasts! Last week I was last minute motivated to enter the Crickets competition on Spoonflower, and my little guys made it into the top 10! Woohoo! And that also means they are now for sale :)

25. July 2013

First of all, how is it already the end of July?  I think summers always feel shorter to me here in Germany because they have different summer vacations - this is the first week of Diemo's summer break!  So while I'm feeling like the summer is just getting started, really its well underway.

So here's to summer road trips, and also plane and train trips.  Next week we are off to Berlin which, for us, means summer is really in full swing!

22. July 2013

Today is the deadline.  Of a lifetime.  Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search, round 1.  Like many artists I'm sure, the prize (which is among other awesome licensing deals, a 2 year contract with Lilla Roger's studio) is the dream of a lifetime!  Lilla's artists are so unique, talented and inspiring.  I had so much fun with the round 1 assignment, a journal cover with a playground theme.  Just the assignment in itself left me so motivated and inspired.  As Lilla says "People buy your joy" and joy was definitely the place this cover was designed from :)

Fingers crossed for the shortlist!

19. July 2013

Yipee!  My design "Ponyhof" made it into the top 10 of Spoonflower's horses challenge :)  The best part is to see the artwork printed on fabric.  The next best part will be ordering some!  You can order some too, here.

18. July 2013

While I am working away over here, mid-heatwave, with a wobbly 6-month-old in my lap, trying to perfect my entry for Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search, my line of artwork for Keka Case has been lauched.  Yahoo!  Check them out :)

17. July 2013

What a great time we had in Copenhagen for the long weekend!  I got refreshed, refuled and inspired!  Unfortunately, most of the inspiration hasn't made it to the paper yet so here is a little something else and unrelated for you -- crickets :)

11. July 2013

Getting ready to go to Copenhagen tomorrow :)  I am so looking forward to it.  I am supposed to be packing, finishing up some client work, doing laundry, blah blah blah, but I am just so into adding photos of my favorite subjects into my illustrations that I am totally distracted!

I am having way too much fun with this and keep thinking of ideas for more...